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Beeswax Candles

My homemade beeswax candles are hand crafted 
Especially for you!!

for information on beeswax please read the information below.

Available products are Votives, Tealights, Melts/Tarts, Snaps/Simmers,and 2, 4 and 6 oz. jars

Retails Prices are:

Votives - $2.25
Tealights packaged in 4's - $4.00
Tealights packaged in 6's - $6.00
Tarts/Melts - $1.00 each
Snaps/Simmers (6 cubes) - $4.00
2 oz. jar - $3.50
4 oz. jar - $5.00
6 oz. jar - $7.00

Beeswax in 6 oz. jars.

Beeswax is an amazing product.

Beeswax is a renewable all natural product with no additives or fillers. It's non-toxic properties make it perfect for a clean burning and bright fuel source as a beeswax candle.

Unlike most of the manufactured paraffin candles, beeswax is hypo-allergenic, great for people with allergies or other sensitivities and those of us who want a safe, clean burning candle in our homes.

Beeswax candles are awesome are
Incredibly long burning
Naturally dripless
Naturally honey scented
Smoke & soot free
Renewable resource

All Natural Wick
I use lead-free cotton and other natural wicks in
every beeswax candle I make.

Natural Honey Scent and Color

My  beeswax comes direct from beekeepers in the Ontario or Nova Scotia, Canada where the honey bees fly among blueberries, raspberries, flaxseed, and wildflowers. The resulting wax is a beautiful shade of yellow that has a natural aromatic honey fragrance. The bees' creation is simply reshaped and the color and the scent are created by the hardworking bees.

Beeswax Scent

The delightful scent given off by beeswax when it burns can vary depending on several different factors. One is the type of pollen present in the beeswax. For example, beeswax that comes from bees that generally pollinated a clover field will have a much lighter, mild, and clean fragrance. Whereas beeswax that comes from bees that pollinated heavier or darker types of flowers and plants, such as sunflowers or alfalfa, will have a stronger, more potent, and heavy scent.


If you wish to order by American Express, Visa or Master Card instead of PayPal, please e-mail me regarding your credit card
info along with your order, name and address.
Minimum quantities and prices remain the same.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars
Shipping Extra

Prices subject to change without notice.

Home Up

  Wholesale and discount prices available for votives, 
tea lights, tarts and hearts with an order over $75.00

Or please
e-mail me or phone (902 543-2909) for more info on wholesale or discount prices.

Gift Certificates available for those who like to make
their own choices.

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