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Lilley Pad Candles and Soaps
Soy Candles (and Soaps NEW) for Fundraising

Candle Fund Raisers are a great way for schools, parent-teacher groups, church youth groups, scouts, civic organization and sports teams to raise money by offering a wonderful product to family, friends, neighbours, co-workers and other supporters.

Tired of cookies, chocolate bars, oranges and candy coming to mind when deciding on a fundraiser?

Look no further.

Candles are a perfect fundraising product, because your group will make big profits and your supporters will be 100% satisfied.

The Lilley Pad Candles and Soaps soy candles are excellent fundraising products for your school or organization.

The Lilley Pad Candles are available in soy wax. They will sell themselves as soon as potential customers “get a whiff”.

Check out the scents available for fundraising. Http:// 

You can realize a 100% profit (excluding shipping charges) with my soy or palm votives and tea lights, melts or 2 or 4 oz. glass jars.

Why The Lilley Pad candles?

Did you know that nearly every household burns candles. Why not offer them The Lilley Pad Candles?
My soy and palm candles are highly scented premium candles with fragrances to remind you of home.
Made from the highest quality natural soy or palm wax.
My candles are hand poured to order in Nova Scotia.

How to Order:

Choose the scents you would like to sell from list provided. 

Votives should be ordered in quantities of 18 or more in each scent and colour.

Tea lights or melts should be ordered in quantities of at least 8 packages (32) and melt in quantity of 12 in each scent and colour

2 and 4 oz. glass jar or travel tins Soy Candles should be ordered in quantities of at least 8 in each scent and colour.  Other sizes available on request.

One month lead time, depending on the size of your order, is required to ensure I have supplies on hand, as well as the time to make up your order.

An estimated deposit of half is required before I proceed with the order.

Shipping/postage is extra where applicable.

Payment by Visa, American Express, Master Card, Bank Transfer, Cash via Square


Soy or Palm Votives—$150 each.

2 or 4 oz. glass jar Soy or Palm candles—$2.00 and $3.00 each.

Soy or Palm Tealights package of 4 - $2.50 

Soy or Palm Snaps - $2.50

Shipping is extra where applicable.

Soaps for Fundraising

A few people have asked me if I would
include some of my soaps for their
fundraising projects, so I AM!!
Below are the soaps that can
be used. 

The cost would be .60 an ounce
with an order of at least 15 soaps
in the same mold, scent and colour.

1 oz. guest soap

4-1/2 oz. oval dome soap

3 oz. oval soap

1-1/2 oz. Lighthouse Soap

3 oz. shell soap

4-1/2 oz. Lighthouse soao

3-1/2 oz. heart soap

Special pricing:
3 oz. dog paw soap $2.00

Candle Fundraising brochure!  Not up to date.  Sorry

This document is in .pdf format.  Please print and call me
at phone number on brochure so we can talk "candles".

Prices subject to change without notice.

Please call me at 902 543-2909, e-mail at  when you have an idea of what you would like to do.

We’ll talk about your project and put together an order..
Please also visit my website at: Http://  to see what The Lilley Pad is all about.   

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