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The below article appeared in the Lighthouse Publishing

For the Week of August 27, 2003

Jubilee Road woman turned hobby into home business

Paula Levy

  BRIDGEWATER - Opening the door to Joan Lilley's home on Jubilee Road sends a wave of pleasing scents from a shelf containing packaged scented candles, soaps, bath salts and lotions.

 The piled moulds and the many bottles of scents scattered throughout her home are testament to how her hobby has evolved into a small home business, The Lilley Pad.

 Ms Lilley's passion began with candle making in the spring of 2001. After retiring, she learned more about the craft by researching it on the internet. It was wanting to use leftover candle wax that prompted her to begin exploring candle making.

 She ordered a kit and making her first blueberry muffin-scented-candle, led to two and before she knew it, Ms Lilley was making them for friends, necessitating her to purchase more and more supplies to meet the growing demand.


Joan Lilley started making candles in her spare time. But her passion has turned into a small home business now featuring soaps, lotions and bath salts. Paula Levy Photo

 "[At first] I bought 10 wicks, then it was 100 wicks. Now I order them by the thousand," she smiles.

 Her home business was born in February of 2002. By that summer, Ms Lilley added soaps to her line of candles. She says it made sense because she already had many of the fragrances needed to make soap. Shortly after the launch of the new product, she added hand and body lotions and now she's getting into bath salts.

 "It's a lot of work but I love it," says Ms Lilley. In fact, last week she was getting ready to attend one of the many craft shows she visits throughout the year to sell her home-made goods.

 Now Ms Lilley makes and sells round and square votives, tealights, tarts, Smellie Jellies, pillar candles, chunked and plain scented soaps, lotions and scented sachets. Each item comes in a variety of scents including fruit and melon, food, floral, garden and nature and fall and Christmas. She has more than 200 fragrances and essential oils.

 Aside from her home, Ms Lilley's products can also be found at various local businesses and the Bridgewater Visitor Information Centre.

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