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 Please place your holiday order through e-mail
Payments are via the Square Credit Card with American Express, Master  Card and Visa. Please e-mail or call me at 902 543-2909 regarding your credit card info along with your order, name and address.
Minimum quantities  and prices remain the same.

Minimum order quantities apply for retail or wholesale pricing.

This year, I won't be ordering many scents in order to use up my present inventory.  So if you have a favourite, order now to avoid disappointment. J


The scents will be made up in
soy votives, tealights, Melts, Simmers and Snaps as well as 2, 4, 6 and 8 oz. jars.  

NOTE: Scents marked with an asterisk * have a very limited amount remaining.

2018 Fall and Christmas Scents Available



A Nova Scotia Christmas

Our own special blend of Fresh Wintry Balsam Pine & Lightly Spiced Cranberry. Surprisingly pleasant and refreshing, puts an exciting new twist on pine!

Balsam & Berries Smells like balsam branches mixed with sweet berries and a splash of citrus


Bayberry is a classic fresh wintery fragrance, popular for the holiday season. Tradition says: "A bayberry candle burned down to its socket, brings luck to the home and wealth to the pocket".

Buttered Rum

Definite sweet rum, with a rich creamy layer. 

Buttery Gingerbread (BC) 

Melt in your mouth, fresh from the oven and slathered with butter. This is "the" Gingerbread!

Buttery Gingerbread (JS) **

A yummy spiced gingerbread with rich butter notes; tiny hints of maple and nut with vanilla, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg!

Chestnuts & Brown Sugar

This scent is hard to describe, very sweet and buttery. Very strong and rich. This scent has such a wonderful warm baking smell that hugs you with warm memories of freshly baked goodies from days gone by. This is another of my personal favorites! A delicious mixture of caramel and rich maple combined with chestnuts in a buttery cream base.

Christmas Spice

A classic blend of traditional holiday kitchen spices, fruits and baked goods: gingerbread cookies, cinnamon, nutmet, orange and pumpkin with a warm lingering misture of cinnamon leaf with a hint of vanilla.

Christmas Tree

A strong southern pine clean & crisp!

Christmas Wish 

A wonderful Christmas treat. A unique blend of hints of lemon, orange, cedar wood and pine all nestled in a warm, rich vanilla cookie base. It reminds me of a kitchen filled with freshly baked sugar cookies surrounded by pine and pine cones scented in a fireplace.


A powerful blend of two holiday classics, Cinnamon & Bayberry!

Cookies for Santa

A holiday scent for the kid at heart! A plate full of home made cookies for old St. Nick! A delicious gourmet spiced sugar cookie that is just out of this world!!

Country Bumpkin Warm, cozy scent - apples and pumpkin, nutmeg and ginger straight from the oven

Country Christmas 

A great blend of cinnamon, mandarin oranges, mixed sweet and sour cranberries and a tiny hint of citrus on a base of rich, creamy vanilla. This is a wonderful holiday addition but could be used all year!


Like cranberry juice

Cranberry Orange


Egg Nog

A rich, creamy holiday drink with a touch of spiced rum!

Family Gathering

A warm, buttery baked spicy scent that reminds you of the bakery at a family gathering.  This scent has top notes of mulled fruit and spice-berry blended with applie cinnamon, then topped with sweet clove and vanilla.

Fig Pudding The flavourful top explodes with delicious shavings of nutmeg, ginger, allspice and cinnamon leaf in the heart, sugary dried figs come together with juicy white grapes.  Sweeps of powdery honey swirled with vanilla glas over creamy tapioca to this awesome scent.
Frankinsense & Myrrh Christmas incense


A perfect holiday treat! A richly spiced gingerbread with just the right hint of sweetness.

Hansel & Gretel  

Holiday Berries

This is an extremely sweet, rich, edible fruit fragrance.  The berry top notes combine well with the creamy almost buttery vanilla middle notes supported by a balsamic, musky base.

Home Sweet Home

A classic heartwarming country blend of cinnamon, baking spices, clove and hints of sweet apples.

Jack Frost  
Marshmallow Pumpkin Pie  


A perfectly fresh evergreen fragrance kissed by berries and a sprinkle of spice.

Mistletoe Gingerbread  
Mulberry Sweet cranberry and grape mix.

Nova Scotia Maple Sugar

A wonderful sweet blend of maple sugar - a sweet confection. Very strong in soy and safe for bath and body.

Oriental Christmas

Mandarin, Tangerine and grapefruit entwined with balsam, cedarwood, berries and mulled apple

Peppermint Sticks A peppermint blend, cool and sweet with a hint of vanilla. This scent totally reminds you of Christmas Candy Candes in your stocking!  A scent that will flow through your house.  Super strong!
Perfect Pumpkin An appealing mix of clove, cardamon, ginger, mace, cinnamon and nutmeg is blended with the strong and true scent of pumpkin. A background of vanilla is the finishing touch to this perfectly blended scent.
Pine Evergreen pine scent
Pumpkin Applewood Rich pumpkin and crisp apple harvested and roasted over sweet woods and spices
Pumpkin Delight Delicious sweet and fruity scent of pumpkin with a perfect mix of spices.  Top notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, pumpkin and rum, mid notes of citrus, apples and ginger and nutty vanilla base notes with woody musk.
Pumpkin Maple Custard Pie  
Pumpkin Patch Warm and inviting.  Delicious pumpkin and the perfect mix of spices.  Top notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, pumpkin and rum.  Mid notes of apples, muguet, peach and ginger.  Nutty Vanilla base with noties of woody musk.
Pumpkin Pie A rich pumpkin pie with just a touch of spice.  Get out the whipped cream!!

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Nice, spicy blend recalling a fresh baked pie right from your mom's kitchen. You'll think you have a pumpkin pie in the oven!

Pumpkin Sweet Cinnamon A pumpkin pie with a touch of clove, cinnamon and ginger with a base of creamy, sugary sweet vanilla.  This does have a touch of spice but not overwhelming at all.
Pumpkin Thyme A pumpkin custard with notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and ginger.
Sherri's Elf Treats Pure natural sugar cane blends harmoniously with notes of caramel and vanilla bean. 

Striped Candy Cane

Cool, sweet mint

Twigs n Berries

Forest cedars and red currant. This one is a MUST!

Twisted Tinsel  

Vanilla Pine Cones

A wonderful southern pine and a warm vanilla blended together. The vanilla takes the edge off the pine and makes a very warm and fragrant blend.


Wintergreen has a characteristic sweet and minty scent similar to Sweet Birch, a main component in the flavour of root beer, with spicy tones.

Witches Brew A mix of candy and magic! 

** If ordering the Buttery Gingerbread please indicate which one you prefer. 

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