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What is Soap???

What is soap?
Soap is created by a chemical reaction between oils, water and lye. Although lye is used to make soap there is no lye left after the saponification (The chemical reaction that makes soap.) is complete. There is no such thing as a bar of soap that was not made from the use of lye. Different kinds of soap are made using a variety of different oils. Both Animal & Plant oils can be used in the soap making process and they all add different qualities to the soap. Since there are people who for personal reasons will not use animal products we also make a line of soaps that do not contain any animal products.

Why not commercial soap?
Did you know that commercial soaps are generally made of synthetic detergents? Commercial soap companies remove the glycerin from their bars and sell it separately. They do this because they make more money selling the glycerin separately and can replace it with chemical detergents. Hand-crafted glycerin soaps retain 95% of the glycerin in each bar and our cold process soaps have nothing removed from them. Glycerin is a humectant. It attracts moisture, so used in a bar of soap, you will attract more moisture to your skin. Try it and you will definitely feel the difference!

Care of soap.
Have you ever wondered why a bar of soap in the shower gets small so quick? The longer a bar of soap sits in the water the quicker it melts. Well to extend the life of your soap, be sure to place the bar on a well draining soap dish, so it is not sitting in water. Never leave the soap in water or where it can not drain completely. 

Courtesy of Rose Valley Soaps & Candles

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