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The Lilley Pad Candles and Soaps

Soy or Palm Tealights

All available scents

Payments are via the Square with American Express, Master  

Card and Visa,  EMT or PayPal

Please e-mail or call me at 902 543-2909 regarding your credit card info along with your order, name and address.
Minimum quantities  and prices remain the same.

or Bank Transfer

Prices are in Canadian Dollars

 Soy or Palm Tealights

 Plastic tea light cups



Tealights in packages of 4 are $5.00 or 3 ror $12.00
Tealights in packages of 6 are $7.50 or 3 for $18.00

 A minimum order of 6 packages of 4 tealights in the same scent and colour - $12.00  plus shipping

A minimum order of 4 packages of 6 tealights in the same scent and colour - $18.00 plus shipping


Votives, Tealights and Simmers/melts in the same scent and colour can be combined.  That way, the minimum quantity of each product would not have to be met.  :-) 

ATTENTION:  Tealight candles in plastic cups should be burned only in open topped  containers. 

All prices subject to change without notice.

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